Adventures in Photography Part 1 – 35mm

I’ve been wanting to improve my photography for as long as I can remember – and it’s been improving, and continues to do so. One step was to take a course (I’ll be writing a post about this in a couple of weeks’ time), the other was to play with a “proper camera”. Following my experiment with the Pop up Pinhole (see my post here) I really wanted to have a play with 35mm film, and fortunately my Dad still had his old 1980s Minolta camera kicking about in a cupboard at home. So I’ve borrowed it.


Now this really was an experiment. The camera itself hadn’t been used for about 20 years, so I didn’t even know if it would work. I bought a fairly cheap 35mm colour film to test it out and started snapping.


I found the taking of the photos surprisingly hard! I only had 24! I couldn’t take the same shot 5 times and then edit the best one later! It’s a good reminder of how much we used to value photographs (which was evident when we went through my Grandparents photos a few months ago and they’d kept some really substandard ones – they were so expensive – provided they were exposed and you could actually see something/someone you kept it).


I took the majority on a day out at our local lavender field and the rest are family photos which I won’t share here. They came out so much better than I’d expected and it was so nice to actually have printed copies! I had them printed with a white border which seems to make them look better – if that’s possible.


So now I know that the camera works, the more expensive black and white film is loaded (and once again I’m not taking many pictures for fear of wasting it!). Check back another time to see how I got on with those.


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