More Needlepoint!

You may recall that I first had a go at needlepoint after I bought a kit at the Knitting & Stitching Show last autumn. Well I rather enjoyed it and I’ve now started work on one of these babies…


This is a Futura Green cushion kit from Pompom Design and I’ve just got started.


I managed to make a little mistake straight away (which is so obvious now I look at this photo but I didn’t notice it at the time!) and encroached into the red area a little too much with the green. I’ve tried to salvage it though as I’m pretty sure that unpicking a whole heap of these stitches will be a rather unpleasant job!


I’m really enjoying it again though and it’s quite nice to have a larger project to work on. I’m planning to put this full sized cushion on my sofa to replace one of the tired old ones once it’s finished. Here’s a work in progress shot from the first one I made – a mini cushion (you can read my post here).


It was suggested that I might want to stitch the larger one on a frame (such as this one) but I thought I’d try without and see how I go. After a couple of hours of stitching I’m thinking I might need to get one as it made my hands a little sore – I suspect this will worsen as I approach the middle. Helena at Pompom Design tells me the finish will be better too.

Watch this space and Instagram to see my work in progress. It is surprisingly speedy once you get going (the mini kit didn’t take me very long to do at all) but I do like to take a chance to sit and work on it for an hour or so at a time so it may take a while!

This is a sponsored post – I did pay for my kit but received a discount.

Take a look at Pompom Designs’ other needlepoint kits here.

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